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chargeguard is an organization of passionate online retail specialists leveraging 40+ years of merchandising, eCommerce and shopper marketing to optimize growth and profitably on the Amazon marketplace and other eRetailers.


Our purpose is to not only help brands THRIVE on Amazon and eCommerce retailer platforms, but also to empower them with the knowledge, actionable insights and thought leadership needed to even an unfair playing field.


Amazon’s 1st party vendor shortages and chargeback fees have become so prevalent that many sellers now just accept it as a part of doing business with Amazon. We don't feel that is right. We are working to change that.

All About Us

A Mission for Change

We believe that Amazon’s vendors and marketplace sellers deserve to be treated in a fair, transparent manner. That stronger oversight of erroneous fees levied upon vendors should be enacted upon for all vendors, regardless of size. That operational noncompliance should be enforced on both sides of the table. That a brand's profits are justly theirs. Not Amazon’s.

$6 Billion

Amazon’s amassed over $6 billion in chargeback & shortage fees°

5 Years

With chargeguard you can now reclaim up to 5 years of erroneous fees¹


Amazon’s 1st party vendor chargeback & shortage fees average 4%-18%² of revenue

As I reflect a little on this past year, I cannot help but send a quick note of thanks! Our expanded team is still very new but we have accomplished a lot since first starting a few years ago. As many of you know, I was melancholy about giving up any Amazon responsibilities as ‘she was my baby’. And while I still feel Amazon is my baby, you have all helped to make her the best version of herself. We have built out a great team and continue to uncover new ways of working while also focusing on delivering company-leading results. I look forward to our continued evolution and growth. Afterall, today is Day 1 and we have so much more to accomplish!

— Jay Bartel – Team Leader – eCommerce PurePlay

Team Leader – eCommerce PurePlay

Keep Amazon Honest

Increase profitability by reclaiming up to 70%³ of chargebacks & shortages. Get a free audit and find out how much Amazon owes you. 

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