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Amazon experts, PhD analysts, and a global workforce of software and data specialists who built the world’s most robust suite of Amazon solutions for use at one of the most successful retailers in the Amazon ecosystem. We founded Channel Precision to bring those solutions to you and your brand.

We make it our mission to help your business grow its sales and profits and achieve global enterprise. We put big data and world-class talent at your disposal for a range of forecasting, listing optimization, SEO, marketing, Prime strategy, and product distribution services.

With Channel Precision’s suite of integrated software, we give you intuitive access to financial, demand and sales data to make important strategy decisions. We market and manage your listings, analyze your competitors, tell your brand’s story, enforce a clean marketplace for authorized sellers, and automate fulfillment.

Channel Precision


Channel Precision and chargeguard are happy to announce a new partnership to bring incremental profitability to Channel Precision's portfolio of brands across the Amazon platform.

chargeguard's Amazon deduction management, recovery effectiveness and dynamic, narrative storytelling platform provides you with a new way to gain visibility to Amazon deductions, root cause analysis and awareness of overall deduction recovery performance.

Get started today to put Amazon fee management on autopilot & recover up to 70% of Amazon's deductions. 


A partnership built for profitability. 

"We’re in the processing of collecting money from Amazon we wouldn’t otherwise have collected, as well as improving our internal processes in regards to our Amazon 1P business."

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° $7B estimated fees derived via 2021 Amazon gross revenue at $600B, $210B 1st party vendor revenue, 85% average COGs reduction, average fees @ 4%

¹ Free audit provides visibility to 2 years, once our recovery work begins, we can go back 5 years

² Typical fee amount is 5.9% with the majority falling between 4-18%

³ Recovery rate up to 70% with the typical rate at 44%

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