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Just like our clients, we:

Think BIG. We're not just in it for the TACoS. We're in it to win it, and we'll stick around till we do. That means every part of your account needs to be on fire for us to sleep at night.

Think Savvy. We stay at the cutting edge of anything Amazon related. If someone sneezes Amazon in Timbuktu, we're there. We're always upleveling our skills with masterminds and trainings, learning new strategies to heck this beast.

Think Strategically. We think before we act. We analyze your business, getting intimate with your product and competition, before mapping out and implementing a unique strategy for your business. 

Think. Period. As 2-legged humanoids, we use our minds to get the algorithms humming. Every account is its own complex code to track. It takes megabrains -- not just megabytes -- to nail it.



IG PPC and chargeguard are happy to announce a new partnership to bring incremental profitability to IG PPC's portfolio of brands across the Amazon platform.

chargeguard's Amazon deduction management, recovery effectiveness and dynamic, narrative storytelling platform provides you with a new way to gain visibility to Amazon deductions, root cause analysis and awareness of overall deduction recovery performance.

Get started today to put Amazon fee management on autopilot & recover up to 70% of Amazon's deductions. 


A partnership built for profitability. 

"We’re in the processing of collecting money from Amazon we wouldn’t otherwise have collected, as well as improving our internal processes in regards to our Amazon 1P business."

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts



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° $7B estimated fees derived via 2021 Amazon gross revenue at $600B, $210B 1st party vendor revenue, 85% average COGs reduction, average fees @ 4%

¹ Free audit provides visibility to 2 years, once our recovery work begins, we can go back 5 years

² Typical fee amount is 5.9% with the majority falling between 4-18%

³ Recovery rate up to 70% with the typical rate at 44%

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