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An entirely new way to experience Amazon fee management.

No dashboards. Just insights.

Imagine: Dashboards didn't exist. No cryptic codes. No veil over the true cost of doing business with Amazon. Only a new short story. Delivered daily, in real time, with the most insightful, action-oriented steps to positively impact the profitability and growth of your Amazon operations. That would be amazing. That would be chargeguard Insight. 

Boy, do we have a story to tell. 

Visibility to fee and deduction data is a start. But at chargeguard, we believe that data can do more. Way more. Leveraging data as a catalyst to drill down and identify key drivers and trends to nip the problem in the bud... Phenomenal. 🤯

To data and beyond.

Get cost reducing, root cause analysis that gives you the most up to date insights and direct actions needed to minimize Amazon deductions. 

Now you know. And, knowing is half the battle.

Step out of the darkness of Amazon deductions and get a clear picture of chargeback fees and shortages with chargeguard

Put a spotlight on Amazon deductions.

You'll never see Amazon fee management and cost recovery the same again. Get the most impactful drivers of your business at a moment's notice with simple, easy to understand narrative stories.

Backed by unrivaled data.

👉 Adjust Case Packs

👉 Unit of Measure Accuracy

Catalog issues

👉 Shipping Details

👉 Pre-Paid versus Collect

Process improvements

👉 Translation Tables

👉 3P EDI Providers

EDI accuracy

Gain deep root cause analysis & action-oriented steps to take to reduce Amazon deductions based on chargeguard Insight findings.

Mitigate ongoing chargebacks & shortages

Keep Amazon Honest

Increase profitability by reclaiming up to 70%³ of chargebacks & shortages. Get a free audit and find out how much Amazon owes you. 

Getting started is as easy as...

Request audit

Just connect your account with our tool so we can pull data

Review results

A specialist will review the C.E.R.A. report with you

Get money back

On your ready, we'll begin initiating claims with Amazon