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"Their expertise and willingness to listen, advise and pivot quickly as business needs change has been nothing but exceptional."

— Moodie Coretti, Director of Ecommerce US & Canada

With chargeguard, it isn't. Our C.E.R.A. account audit reveals the amount of chargeback and shortage fees that are recoverable from Amazon. We then go to work to reclaim up to 70%³ of these fees on your behalf. Easy-peasy.

But, it's not rocket science.

Amazon 1st Party Vendor Cost Recovery

Fighting Amazon deductions shouldn't be rocket science. 

Keep Amazon Honest

Increase profitability by reclaiming up to 70%³ of chargebacks & shortages. Get a free audit and find out how much Amazon owes you. 

Getting started is as easy as...

Request audit

Just connect your account with our tool so we can pull data

Review results

A specialist will review the C.E.R.A. report with you

Get money back

On your ready, we'll begin initiating claims with Amazon