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Amazon’s lackadaisical manner of resolving refund claims often ties up seller’s cashflow in unreimbursed losses without any means of recourse. chargeguard solves this problem by continuously monitoring all due refunds so you know what you are owed. We then work to recover these reimbursements on your behalf. No muss. No fuss.

A new approach to retrieving all of Amazon's reimbursements.

Lost or Damaged Inbound Shipments

Products are lost or damaged by the inbound shipper in transit to the Amazon fulfillment center

Lost or Damaged Inventory at the Warehouse

Products are lost or damaged at the Amazon fulfillment center

Refund Issued But Customer Never Returned the Item

A customer receives a refund for an item that they have not returned

Amazon Failed to Reimburse a Return

A product is returned damaged or used by a customer, but Amazon doesn’t reimburse the return

Overcharged FBA Fees for Weights & Dimensions

Your product is being charged at a larger dimension or weight size than it should be

Failure to Return Items Back Into Inventory

An item doesn't get added to your FBA account, despite being scanned in at the Amazon fulfillment center

Save Time & Resources

We submit and manage cases for you so you can focus on growing your business, not fighting Amazon

Complete Visibility

We provide a simple dashboard that summarizes reimbursement progress, Amazon payout status and payment details

Only Pay For Results

Our fee model is simple. If we don't recover refunds for you, you don't pay us. Our model aligns with your goals precisely.

  • Why should I use chargeguard?
    ChargeGUARD takes a new approach to retrieving all of Amazon's reimbursements. Amazon’s lackadaisical manner of resolving refund claims often ties up seller’s cashflow in unreimbursed losses without any means of recourse. ChargeGUARD solves this problem by continuously monitoring all due refunds so you know what you are owed. A dedicated Dispute Manager then goes to work to recover these reimbursements on your behalf. No muss. No fuss.
  • Can I demo the dashboard?
    Absolutely. You may view demo here.
  • What information will I need to get started?
    You must be an Amazon Pro Seller in order to use the ChargeGUARD platform. We will need you to authorize us with Amazon MWS API credentials to import all of your Amazon store front data and add our Dispute Manager as a SellerCentral User. Instructions will be provided after account sign up.
  • Is my information secure?
    Yes, we use Amazon’s infrastructure (AWS) advanced encryption to store your informaton.
  • What is your fee?
    We charge a 25% commission on all successful reimbursements, including inventory reimbursements. To value a unit of inventory, we use the amount per unit value Amazon assigns. For larger accounts we have tiered pricing discounts. Contact us for more information on large account discounts.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept all major debit and credit cards. Your payment information is encrypted via our integration with Stripe.
  • Can I cancel the service at anytime? How do I cancel my service?
    Yes, there are no long-term contacts. Simply notify us here with your request for cancellation.
  • What happens to my data when I cancel?
    After filing the service cancellation, we’ll halt the reimbursement service immediately and delete all client data.
  • How long does it take for a refund to be processed?
    3 – 5 business days after we file a case with Amazon Support.
  • How can I track my reimbursements?
    The Statement View in your Payments Report shows you when and how much you will be paid. Other Transactions show all FBA Inventory Reimbursements. It can take up to 5 business days for your money to appear in your bank account after payment is initiated.
  • What reimbursement cases do you cover?
    Our reimbursement cases cover, but are not limited, to the following scenarios for 3rd party FBA sellers: Amazon lost inventory at the warehouse, and it has been 30 days in past 18 months. Amazon damaged inventory at the warehouse, and it has been 30 days in past 18 months. Amazon claims to have reimbursed a return but it has not been reimbursed. Amazon improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments in past 9 months. Amazon claims to have placed an item back into your inventory, but it has not been replaced. Amazon issued a refund, but customer never returned item and it has been 45 days.
  • How does the chargeguard service work?
    After your sign-up, we’ll import your Amazon store-front data through Amazon MWS API, which takes 24 – 48 hrs depending on the size of your data. After importing and processing your data, we’ll start to report cases to Amazon Support in accordance with our 5-Step recovery process.
  • Do you automate claim submissions?
    No. In accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, we do not automate any claim submissions. A dedicated ChargeGUARD Dispute Manager reviews each potential claim and manually submits quality claims with accurate data.

Stop paying for Amazon's mistakes. 

End the reimbursement run-around and get what's owed to you with chargeguard, the easiest and most effective way for FBA sellers to put Amazon reimbursement and refund management on autopilot. 


Discrepancy rate for FBA managed inventory


Of sellers are owed money by Amazon


Of cases against Amazon are left pending

Staggering statistics:



— Bill Craig, Senior Vice President

"As LifeWay began to close its brick and mortar store chain we realized that we needed to improve our presence and effectiveness on Amazon. We partnered with them to do that."

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts

While it's no match for the C.E.R.A. audit, use our Recovery Estimator to get a feel for just how big the problem may be.

Want a sneak-peek?

This Recovery Estimator is only an estimate. To see exactly how much you can recover specific to your account, sign up for free, no obligation account.

You just may be surprised at how much money Amazon owes you.

With Amazon managing over 2 billion SKUs, discrepancies are inevitable. Despite Amazon’s cutting-edge technology and advanced automation systems, FBA refunds aren’t always processed and issued correctly. When Amazon does give reimbursements to sellers, it is generally just a fraction of what they are actually owed. It then becomes the seller’s responsibility to monitor their account, identify mistakes and request reimbursements. While this may seem straightforward, Amazon often makes this process difficult by leaving cases pending with no resolution.

Use our Recovery Estimator to get a feel for just how big the problem may be.

How It Works

The road to reimbursement.

1. Identify Reimbursements

Our intelligent API solution reviews your account and identifies all funds that are owed. Once identified, reimbursements are monitored and tracked in your account dashboard. 

It all starts with our C.E.R.A. audit account review

Never fight the fee battle again

Your dispute management team will launch the entire reimbursement recovery plan. A Dispute Manager will work to identify root cause, submit and manage cases and track recoveries while you focus on growing your business. ​New cases are entered and managed on a weekly basis.

2. Submit Cases to Amazon

Dispute within scope. Ready, aim, fire.

We'll analyze irregularities and errors in your inventory and transaction history that you are entitled to recover. We will also monitor fulfillment problems that have not been reimbursed (i.e. damages, lost products and return refunds).

3. Monitor Inventory & Fulfillment

A 3X action plan that fights tough

To ensure your claims don’t get swept under the rug, a dedicated Dispute Manager persistently pursues the requests until they are resolved. Your up-to-date dashboard gives you complete visibility to the status of your reimbursement cases, payouts and statements.

4. Manage Cases & Communication

Only pay fees you actually owe. Nothing more.

Approved case payouts trickle directly back to the account balance throughout the management process. You will receive bi-weekly reimbursements from Amazon on complete autopilot. Done. And, done. 💸. 

5. Get Reimbursed!

There Is Something for Everyone

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"We’re in the processing of collecting money from Amazon we wouldn’t otherwise have collected, as well as improving our internal processes in regards to our Amazon 1P business."

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts

Keep Amazon Honest

Increase profitability by recovering FBA reimbursements and refunds. Sign up today to get a free audit and find out how much Amazon owes you. 

Getting started is as easy as...

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