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Amazon’s lackadaisical manner of resolving refund claims often ties up seller’s cashflow in unreimbursed losses without any means of recourse. chargeguard solves this problem by continuously monitoring all due refunds so you know what you are owed. We then work to recover these reimbursements on your behalf. No muss. No fuss.

A new approach to retrieving all of Amazon's reimbursements.

Lost or Damaged Inbound Shipments

Products are lost or damaged by the inbound shipper in transit to the Amazon fulfillment center

Lost or Damaged Inventory at the Warehouse

Products are lost or damaged at the Amazon fulfillment center

Refund Issued But Customer Never Returned the Item

A customer receives a refund for an item that they have not returned

Amazon Failed to Reimburse a Return

A product is returned damaged or used by a customer, but Amazon doesn’t reimburse the return

Overcharged FBA Fees for Weights & Dimensions

Your product is being charged at a larger dimension or weight size than it should be

Failure to Return Items Back Into Inventory

An item doesn't get added to your FBA account, despite being scanned in at the Amazon fulfillment center

Save Time & Resources

We submit and manage cases for you so you can focus on growing your business, not fighting Amazon