You're not alone in the cost recovery battle

Many Amazon vendors are fighting this battle with you. Amazon has done a spectacular job of clouding transparency as to the multitude of chargeback fees and shortages as well as disputing these fees. Reversing them can seem like an endlessly daunting task. A classic David versus Goliath battle in play.

Getting your money back is what we do

For Amazon 1st party vendors, on $10 million in shipments, fines can range from $400,000 to $1,800,000 for noncompliance chargeback & shortage fees. These fees are triggered, mostly, by automated systems. The problem with Amazon’s machine-driven processes is that machines make mistakes. Get a free comprehensive account audit to see what you're entitled to today.

— Bill Craig, Senior Vice President

"They provided talented strategic thought leadership as well as excellent tactical execution at a time when LifeWay needed to improve our presence on Amazon."

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