Channel Bakers core tenet is to Help Brands grow their sales and influence in their retail and eCommerce channels.

Through data-driven strategies, we help brands reach new audiences and tell their story.

Think of your internet presence as a pie – we focus on increasing the total, cumulative value of your eCommerce and retail channels, not shifting consumers from one “slice” to another. We do this through creatively adding value to consumers through effective marketing, merchandising and product education.

Channel Bakers


Channel Bakers and chargeguard are happy to announce a new partnership to bring incremental profitability to the Channel Bakers portfolio of brands across the Amazon platform. 

chargeguard's Amazon deduction management, recovery effectiveness and dynamic, narrative story telling platform provides you with a new way to gain visibility to Amazon deductions, root cause analysis and awareness to overall deduction recovery performance.

Get started today to put Amazon fee management on autopilot & recover up to 70% of Amazon's deductions. 


A partnership built for profitability. 

"We’re in the processing of collecting money from Amazon we wouldn’t otherwise have collected, as well as improving our internal processes in regards to our Amazon 1P business."

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts